UK Deed Poll Generator & Guide

Under UK law, you do not need to see an expensive solicitor or do anything other than produce your own document to change your name legally and permanently.

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll document allows you to legally note down that you wish to change the name you are known by. There are important things to remember - you are legally required to inform government agencies such as the DVLA, Passport Office etc of the name change and you are legally required to inform your debtors and creditors of your name change immediately.

You can read more information about what is allowed/not allowed in your new name on the govenment website:

I've stated this a hundred times to people: you cannot use a Deed Poll to run away from debt.

When you update your name at your bank, credit card provider and other institution they are required to update your credit record accordingly and your old name will be linked permanently to your new name.

How do I know this document will work?

I used this exact document format to change my own last name to match my family name without issue in 2017. I then sent a letter to the DVLA to notify them of my name change and included the original signed document which was returned to me. I then replaced my passport with the new name - again with no issue at all. Lastly, I went into my local bank branch to change my name at the bank.

Important note: You will find it a lot easier getting your name changed in other places once you have government issued driving license and/or passport with your new name. I'd also recommend getting multiple copies signed for you to send off to people (as some are useless at returning them). Lastly, you will need two unrelated people to co-sign your Deed Poll document. You need their full name and address.

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What to do Next?

Once you have printed your Deed Poll document (I'd recommend printing a few of them - you'll need to send them to a lot of folks). Don't forget, you need to get two unrelated witnesses to co-sign your document to make it valid.